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Topterra Holland
Legro Australia can supply you with high quality Topterra mushroom casing. Topterra is a specialist in the production of casing for professional mushroom culture.  The main qualities of Topterra mushroom casing are: a constant quality, a good structure with a large water absorbing and water retaining potential.


Raw materials for mushroom casing

Topterra processes only carefully selected high quality raised bog sphagnum peat moss.  Through this careful selection and special harvesting method the good structure and water management qualities remain.  Because of this Topterra always has clean, disease free raw materials for mushroom casing.  Carefully dosed lime is added by special mixing techniques to reach the desired pH value.




Topterra casing is made of high-quality, clean raw materials by qualified and motivated people. Raw materials, production and end products are under constant control and are evaluated by internal and external laboratories, our quality systems are ISO and RHP for mushrooms. All logistical processes and movements are selected, instructed and controlled by our own logistic department.


Types of Casing

Different casing compositions are produced by Topterra to the special needs of the customer, so that every culture in every circumstance can be provided with the most suitable casing.  Computer steered production lines guarantee a balanced, high-quality and constant quality casing.

Legro Australia is stocking the following Topterra Casing Grades:

  • Topterra Export
  • Topterra Horst
  • Topterra Europe
  • Topterra TT10 & 30 also available on request

See 2015 Topterra casing types AUS information sheet attached

Different growing systems and also different circumstances ask for different types of casing.  Topterra has a broad program of casings.  We will be pleased to advise you in the choice of the right casing.

Types of Packing

All Topterra casing types & packing is exported in 20ft containers, loose in container or on certified shipping pallets. Topterra uses high-quality packing materials to guarantee the quality of the casing.

Casing packaging sizes:

  • 50 Litre bags
  • Big Bags 25 (BB25)
  • Big Bags 50 (BB50)


Please contact us to discuss what packaging size suits your needs.

For more information follow this link to the Topterra web site

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