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Legro Potgrond

Legro excels in both peat- and coir-based  products. Legro is a leader in the supply of high quality substrates to professional growers in the soft fruit industry for Europe, UK. and further abroad. Below is a snapshot of just some of our high-quality raw … Continue reading

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Coir Peat

Legro is a quality supplier of coir (coco) peat and buffered coir peat. For all your coir peat enquiries pleaes don’t hesitate to contact us. Coir can be very effectively compressed to form briquettes, blocks, growslabs, disks that will expand when water … Continue reading

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Sphagnum Blond Peat Moss

Legro Australia can offer direct from the Baltic peat fields sphagnum blond peat moss in 200 Litre bales or 6 m3 EN Big Bales for the grower who likes to blend their own casing or make their own potting mix/substrate. … Continue reading

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