MCSubstradd Mushroom Supplements


Legro Australia can offer MCSubstradd delayed-release nutritional mushroom supplement for professional mushroom growers.


MCSubstradd® is a new name for an old and proven product.

Since 2008, MCSubstradd® regroups 2 existing brands for mushroom-supplements: MilliChamp® and Substradd®.

MilliChamp® started in the 1970’s, based on a patent for production and use of delayed-release proteins.
Since it’s start, MilliChamp® has been a reference in the mushroom-industry, famous for its quality, advanced research and innovation. Substradd® was developped by Mr. Wim Joosten, another pioneer and field expert in mushroom supplementation.

In 2008 both brands have joined forces in MCSubstradd®, the new brand-name.
MCSubstradd® is produced in a separate part of the large HAVENS-site on the Meuse-river in the south of the Netherlands, where it has been manufactured since the early 1990’s in a 100% dedicated production line, from reception of the ingredients right up to filling of the bags or bulktrucks.

Thus, MCSubstradd® combines cost-effectiveness to optimal product-quality.

Mushroom compost and casing profile

About the product

MCSubstradd® products are tuned on the nutritional needs of mushrooms and complete the deficits in the compost of essential nutrients like nitrogen, carbohydrates or trace-elements. In other words: it’s an organic nitrogen fertilizer.

It gives a higher yield (up to 30%) and offers a direct economical benefit for every mushroom grower.
MCSubstradd® products are based on a wide variety of protein sources, mainly from soybean meal, that have been selected for their delayed release capacity of nitrogen.

Legro Australia can offer two types of supplement to the grower:

**Both products now available with the NEW Eco-Pro coating added to increase yield and reduce dust**
View more information about MCSubstradd eco-coating recently launched


All MCSubstradd® nutrients are packed in new eco-friendly double coated aero paper bags; 25 kg per bag (55.1 lbs). For customers used to buying in 50 pound bags (50 lbs) it is important to note 50 lbs = 22.7 kg

MC Substradd 25kg bag packaging

Research & Know-How

All MCSubstradd® products are based on delayed release protein technology, developed in the 1970’s and further improved from then.

Over the years, Havens have been engaged in numerous experimental and field tests at the Mushroom Experimental Stations in Horst (the Netherlands; “Proefstation voor de Champignoncultuur”), Roeselare (Belgium; “Proefcentrum voor de Champignonteelt”), Kennett Square (USA) and in the Loire-valley (France).

Since the early 1990’s, the production of all MCSubstradd® supplements is HACCP certified.

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