Legro Potgrond

Legro excels in both peat- and coir-based  products. Legro is a leader in the supply of high quality substrates to professional growers in the soft fruit industry for Europe, UK. and further abroad.

Legro 4th Generation coir UK ad
Below is a snapshot of just some of our high-quality raw materials:
– The best sod peat comes from three different sources: Ireland, Sweden and the Baltic states, sieved down to specific fractions and with all fine particles removed.
– Coco pith, which has the excellent property of being highly absorbent and dust-free. With our meticulous buffering and rinsing process. We at Legro are able to deliver a product with a guaranteed low EC and minimum levels of Na, Cl and K. We can also supply low-Si coir.
– Coco fibers, the product that guarantees plenty of air in your substrate and provides excellent horizontal water flow.

We are sure that by using our products you will be giving your crops the best possible start. Along with top quality plants and good irrigation water, your substrate is an essential product that you simply can’t afford to compromise on.

We have specialised Legro Substrates for the following crops grown in containers:

* Blueberries

* Strawberries

* Raspberries

* Seedlings

* Flowers, trees  & nursery

For more information click here for the Legro Potgrond web site

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