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Legro Australia can offer Bonar Technical Fabrics mushroom textile products custom made to your size & purpose

BONAR Technical Fabrics , part of Low & Bonar plc, specialises in the production of a number of product ranges including geotextiles, agrotextiles, technical textiles and fibres for the industrial and building sectors.

These goods are manufactured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in modern production facilities in Zele and Lokeren, Belgium.

All plants operate in accordance with a strict ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance system and an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.


  • high resistance to stretching
  • excellent breathability
  • energy-efficient
  • high quality
  • attractive price

Bonar TF offers products for the different production process steps.


  • phase 1: CropProtect
  • phase 2: CompostMat and GlidingNet
  • phase 3: CompostMat and GlidingNet

Growing of the mushrooms

  • growing nets: PH TM 12 (low stretch), 14 and 16

Why use CompostMat?

  • strong heavy duty tunnel net
  • excellent air permeability during the full lifetime thanks to unique weaving structure
  • low narrowing effect
  • reinforced woven self-edges

How to pull CompostMat out of the tunnel?

  1. cool down to max 25°C
  2. minimum first 5 windings without pulling
  3. start slowly and go to full capacity when the whole tunnel is moving
  4. always pull in the same direction
  5. use a GlidingNet

Mushroom Growing / Cultivation Nets

Bonar TF offers different types of growing nets for each shelf scenario.

PH TM 12 PH TM 12 (low stretch) PH TM 14 PH TM 16
tunnel length up to 60m up to 70m up to 75m > 75m
reinforced? no Twaron Twaron high amount of Twaron
elongation at 30kN (%) 8,0 5,6 4,0 3,0

Bonar TF has the perfect product for every step in growing mushrooms.

Vist Bonar TF web site for information about the company

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