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MCSubstradd Mushroom Supplements

Legro Australia can offer MCSubstradd delayed-release nutritional mushroom supplement for professional mushroom growers. MCSubstradd® MCSubstradd® is a new name for an old and proven product. Since 2008, MCSubstradd® regroups 2 existing brands for mushroom-supplements: MilliChamp® and Substradd®. MilliChamp® started in … Continue reading

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Bonar Technical Fabrics – Mushroom Textiles

  Legro Australia can offer Bonar Technical Fabrics mushroom textile products custom made to your size & purpose BONAR Technical Fabrics , part of Low & Bonar plc, specialises in the production of a number of product ranges including geotextiles, agrotextiles, technical … Continue reading

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Mertens Mushroom Cultivation Products

Mertens is the top supplier of products to the mushroom producers world wide. Legro Australia will supply you with product information, answer questions and propose solutions to problems. Mertens years of experience in mushroom cultivation. For several years Mertens have co-operated closely with institutions of … Continue reading

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Sphagnum Blond Peat Moss

Legro Australia can offer direct from the Baltic peat fields sphagnum blond peat moss in 200 Litre bales or 6 m3 EN Big Bales for the grower who likes to blend their own casing or make their own potting mix/substrate. … Continue reading

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nemycel® Biocontrol

Legro Australia can offer the E-Nema biocontrol product nemycel® for control of sciarid flies on mushroom farms. E-Nema is a leading international producer of insect-pathogenic nematodes. As an industrial manufacturer of biological plant protection agents and supplier of various biotech … Continue reading

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