About Legro Australia

Legro Australia Pty Ltd was established in August 2009 from an ambition of Topterra Holland BV to increase their presence in the Australian mushroom industry and build more intensive relationships with growers and composters. Phil Badgery as the managing director of Legro Australia is your contact for all enquiries.

Legro Australia will take care of the importation, transport and other aspects involved in the supply of mushroom casing peat and other specialist products to your farm. The products are stored in carefully selected warehouses in all main cities of Australia.

Legro Australia represents a number of leading European suppliers in quality products for the mushroom and other horticultural industries. First in this list is Topterra Holland mushroom casing products. See our products page for a list of current brands & products supplied.

Legro Australia is planning to expand the range of products in the future.